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Welcome to Evolve Kitchen + Table

“A Farm to Table eatery with fine libations and local craft beer!”

Our passion is to provide locally sourced creative food, craft cocktails with the finest liquor and the best locally brewed beer in a comfortable modern environment. We are committed to scratch-made food from non-processed raw ingredients provided by local area farmers, ensuring the freshest, most cared for food in town. We are fortunate to have a cornucopia of local farms that we have partnered with, allowing us to source roughly 80 percent of our ingredients from farms within a 40-mile radius from Clemson, giving us the opportunity to bring you the absolute best food the Upstate has to offer. These partnerships and their crops are the backbone of our kitchen, driving our menu options and having a significant impact on our seasonal offerings.

As well as providing a fresh, locally sourced creative menu we strive to have the smallest carbon footprint possible. A large majority of our equipment is energy star rated for high efficiency; from our ovens to our dining-ware washing machine, we are lowering our overall consumption of energy and water. To help reduce landfill waste, we are providing linen napkins, 100% recycled and 100% compostable to-go containers, and practicing responsible recycling habits.

As we continue to Evolve, we will endeavor to improve on what we do and how we do it, to make the best possible dining experience for our patrons. We value input greatly, so please let us know if there is an area where we can improve, this helps us see things we may have overlooked and helps us effect change.

We hope you enjoy our offerings and thank you for choosing Evolve Kitchen and Table!

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